Edenred Mexico signs strategic alliance with Medicato for the integral health of Mexicans

Equipo Medicato

07 April 2022
  • In Mexico, only 8% of the population has private health insurance.
  • 95% of the population in Mexico has access to a cell phone and the internet, opening up the opportunity to explore medical consultations remotely.

Monterrey, Mexico -- Integral health (physical, mental, and emotional) is fundamental to achieve a better quality of life. Under this premise, Edenred Mexico has formed an alliance with Medicato, a telehealth technology platform that connects users with specialist doctors, providing remote medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Both companies have created Be Well, a digital magazine focused on wellness 360 with specialized topics on integral health, an essential focus point for all Mexicans. The subscription to Be Well has a quarterly cost of $30 MXN pesos ($10 MXN per month) and includes the telehealth service for the user and his or her family as an added benefit, with access to video consultations with specialist doctors.

"This addresses one of the main challenges in Mexico and LATAM, which is access to quality care. In our country, medical services are unevenly distributed. Most are located mainly in large cities, limiting quality medical care to users in rural and suburban areas, so it is very important to bring these services to those who do not have access. Be Well is a big step forward in achieving this," said Francisco Brunet, director of the Employee Benefits business unit at Edenred Mexico.

In addition, new consumer habits were born with the pandemic. Remote environments have become part of daily life and virtual medical consultations are a growing trend thanks to the advantages offered by mobile technology: accessibility, affordability, convenience, on-demand, and better experience for the end-user.

The benefits that the Be Well subscriber will obtain are the following:

1. Access to a publication specialized in health and integral wellness issues with articles and expert opinions in the various fields of medicine.

2. 24/7 medical attention. Instant "on-demand" consultations including weekends and holidays.

3. Unlimited family coverage, from anywhere. 

4. Specialist doctor network. A wide network of specialists and certified health professionals.

5. Guidance and follow-up. Constant monitoring between doctor and patient through our internal chat feature, which is encrypted and enabled with each consultation.

6. 100% secure and reliable service. Protecting the confidentiality and privacy of the patient's information and medical data. It complies with HIPAA standards (strictest in the health sector) and the strictest regulations in terms of privacy and information security.

7. Electronic medical prescription and medicine delivery. Includes electronic medical prescription to buy medicines in the Medicato Marketplace, which has pharmacies integrated with nationwide delivery.

"We are thrilled to work together with Edenred to care of their own health and wellness of their users and use the power of technology to improve their quality of life. Be Well is a great initiative to create awareness of living a healthier life and give subscribers the necessary tools to prioritize taking care of their own health. We are firm believers that everyone should have access to quality care, regardless of geographical location and socioeconomic status, and we will continue to work hard every day to extend our services to more individuals, families, and businesses"., added Alberto Hauser, CEO of Medicato.

In this way, Edenred and Medicato go beyond their core operations to generate valuable products based on their passion for people's wellbeing and staying true to Edenred's purpose "Enrich connections, for Good".


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